Polyakeynez Mining

Polyakeynez Energy Production Mining is located in Soma Basin, one of the most prominent lignite basins of Türkiye, on the administrative border of Kinik district of Izmir.

Consisting of 1 main gallery and 2 shafts, the facility is the deepest underground lignite mine in Türkiye. Over 3,000 employees are employed at the mine, where the highest quality lignite coal of our Türkiye is extracted. The investment infrastructure is designed to be suitable for a coal production capacity of 8.5 million tons/year. The total resource of the mine site is estimated to be approximately 225 million tons over the mine lifespan.

Eynez Basin Kınık Mining Field
Why Som Katı Yakıt

Why Som Katı Yakıt

The facility, which is the deepest underground lignite mine in Türkiye, offers its users low sulfur and high calorific lignite coals produced by using the latest technology production and occupational safety systems.

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Som Solid Fuel is the sole sales authority of Polyakeynez Mining. Our company has over 250 retailers in 26 different provinces and industrial users all around Türkiye. Join the Som Solid Fuel family to discover Türkiye's highest quality lignite coal!

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Our Coals

We offer our lignite coals for sale as Bagged Coal and Open Coal. Kinik Lignite Mine Site has a daily loading capacity of 250 vehicles with 75 vehicles of Bagged Coal and 175 vehicles of Open Coal. The entire operation is managed by electronic system.
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